How Spiritual Entrepreneurs Can Become  Powerful Spiritual Icons By Mastering Consciousness  And Unleash Their True Genius Without Selling Themselves Short


Lorna unpacks her own journey & shares a transmission around the requirements of true personal transformation, leaving a trail of activations that if you dare to follow, you might unleash your own Iconic Genius into the world…In this video, discover:

* The surprising facts of where Genius is found.

* Why Shadow Alchemy is important to master before your Genius frequency will become available to you.

* What happens when Genius is ignored and what it translates into if it’s continually ignored.

* What Genius IS and IS NOT.

* The additional requirements Iconic Spiritual Leaders have to face other than voyaging out beyond tribal consciousness (which most never make it out of anyway & thus so critical to complete in order to master the Dark where Genius is found if you know you are a disruptor)…

* The Kind of devotion your Genius will require from you.

* Why apprenticing under a Master can help you stand in the solidarity of the consciousness of your Genius frequency.

* What it means to become No/thing, why having evidence is counter-intuitive to your Genius frequency & the impact that it has on your message.

* Understand how your Genius is paradoxically about you and not about you, as you become the pure source channel frequency it comes through.

* How you know you’ve landed on the frequency of your Genius… The message you have that you don’t want to say & why…

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